modern magic

June 30, 2010


Oh these chemists –
they perform magic!

(much of it black)


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update on the nothing

June 30, 2010

I have not abandoned this little outpost in the frackosphere. I have been elsewhere on various missions.

This blog was quickly started in response to my awakening. It has no affiliation with any other entity or organization. FrackMountain represents the sole opinion of this author, unless otherwise noted.

If you have not joined the struggle, please consider doing so.

water is a closed system

June 14, 2010

This planet is a terrarium orbiting the sun. The flaming star casts a million terawatts of energy upon us each day. Earth has been given all that it needs. We will either thrive, or render this terrarium useless. We make our own destiny. It is insanity to let big conglomerates dictate the condition of this planet. And, it is cowardice.

Each fracking leaves approximately 4.5 million gallons of water sequestered beneath the earth – taken out of the water cycle – never to be replaced. For every 420 horizontal frackings, the equivalent of the Huntsville Reservoir is polluted and left underground (1.9 billion gallons). Water that has touched the lips of our ancestors, now gone from the equation.

Oh, we may see it again, but next time as a spoiler of our diminishing clean water supply.

I have no beef

June 13, 2010

I have no beef with the guy who signed a lease, thinking it was “safe”. Or the family who was desperate and overtaxed. I have no animosity for the one who was lied to and manipulated.

But I do have a big problem with the already wealthy guy who brought it here, and the insiders who parlayed their land holdings into a rape of our sensibilities. And all those who are riding the gravy train just because it is gravy. And all those who still refuse to do their homework.

Communities are about sensibilities, such as what works best for all. Isn’t that how democracy was born?

read local blogs for reaction

June 5, 2010

Much is happening in the news. Yesterday there was a near catastrophe in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. Lately, I have had little time to get online. When I am online, it is to work the inexorable waves of email. Please read the local blogs to get up to date reactions. See the right hand column for several excellent blogs. Thanks.