read local blogs for reaction

Much is happening in the news. Yesterday there was a near catastrophe in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. Lately, I have had little time to get online. When I am online, it is to work the inexorable waves of email. Please read the local blogs to get up to date reactions. See the right hand column for several excellent blogs. Thanks.

2 Responses to read local blogs for reaction

  1. Nomining says:

    How about that? A BOP problem, now that we all know what a BOP is. And a company we all know as Enron, now known as EOG! Seems to me that the attitude of the big money greedy guys is “come to Pennsylvania” after you have screwed up elsewhere because PA will let you in when no one else will. We MUST unite at the grassroots level to stop this headlong dive into hydrofraking. Remember, NY put a three year moratorium on drilling so that the state could get its act together. PA just gave it away. Deepwater Horizon and Clearfield are the biggest wake-up calls anyone could get. Hopefully John Hanger is as good as he sounds but I may be naive.

  2. Clearville says:

    Check the market reports: Offshore drillers are now moving onshore where there is less risk to them, forget the environment, Bush & Cheney gave them legal reins to pollute it. Did you say you had a prewater test done before gas natural gas drilling began and you believe your water is safe? How many fracturing chemicals were on your prewater tests? Will you know whether your next sip of water is poisoned or whether the water you bath in is a tub of toxins? Where do you think those fracturing chemicals escaped to on the surface which also escaped in the subsurface during the blowout? Check your water for MBAS to see if you have an anionic surfactant in the water. Then proceed to check for over 400 fracturing chemicals but you will never know you are safe near onshore or offshore drilling. That is how the plan was designed in 2005, it protects the government’s looters and polluters. You won’t change it until the water commodity becomes the government’s next big natural resource venture for the corporate bandits.

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