How to Help

This page is in development. However, it can be useful in its present state:

What you can do:
Educate yourself. (see links in right hand column)
Encourage friends and family to do so. (email them with this link:
Attend local government meetings. (see schedule below)
Put up a lawn sign. (email us)
Put on a bumper sticker. (email us)
Wear a tee shirt. (emails us)
Wear a button. (email us)
Call talk radio (see below – WILK)
Sign Petitions.
Be respectful.
Hand out literature.
Hand out films.
Write letters to Editors. ( see below)
Call Politicians and Supervisors. (see phone numbers below)
Write letters to State Representatives. (see Lower Right hand column)
Write Letters to US Representatives. (see Lower Right hand column)
Write Letters to Obama. (see Lower Right hand column)
Write letters to candidates.
Write letters to non print news organizations.
Email your friends and family about important events or information/links.
Talk to your neighbors.
Attend important events to show solidarity. (check Bulletin Board in left hand column)
Friend GDAC on facebook.
Join GDAC.
Donate to GDAC. (see left column)

What we can do together:

Speak truth to power.
Work for legal change at all levels.
Educate the unaware through outreach.
Organize and host informational events.
Develop and maintain informational materials.
Do large and targeted mailings.
Join in alliance with others groups and individuals. [] Help Wanted
Organize bus trips. [] Help Wanted
Develop data bases.
Speakers Bureau. [] Help Wanted
Fund raising events.
Media Relations.
Film, photo, and writing projects. [] Help Wanted
Research team.
Newsletter. [] Help wanted
Advocate for alternative energy. [] Help Wanted
Advocate for local farms. [] Help Wanted

More Ideas:

Here is a very good page titled How to Help

Organize large public vigils as near the Luzerne County test wells as we can get.

Contact landowners who are resisting the landsmen. (See Breathing’s coverage of the DRBC – hearing in Matamoras, PA)

Contact landowners whose leases are due for renewal.

Contact landowners who’ve signed to protect themselves but who support a Moratorium and the FRAC Act.

Write the National Park Service. Tell them to find the research we need to stop the despoiling of our Basin. Let them know they’re not alone!

Write Letters to Local Newspapers
Include name, address and phone number for verification
Call a legislator

Sen. Lisa Baker: 717 — 787 – 7428
Rep. Karen Boback: 717 — 787 – 1117
Rep. Phyllis Mundy: 717 — 783 – 1614
Rep. Todd Eachus: 717 — 787 – 2229
Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski: 717 – 783- 0686
Sen. Robert Mellow: 717 — 787 – 6481
Rep. James Wansacz: 717 — 787 – 6194
Rep. John Yudichak: 717 — 787 – 1751
Rep. Mike Carroll: 717 — 787 – 3589

County Commissioners: 825-1500 Tell them to leave Moon Lake alone. No gas drilling or water withdrawals for gas drilling. (3-5 million gallons per well needed).

Rep. Chris Carney: 585-9988. Call him to support the Frac Act (A bill in Congress that tells gas companies they should disclose the chemicals they put into their fracking solutions that stay underground and migrate to fresh water supplies.)

Local Gov Meetings and Phone Numbers:

Dallas Borough – 675-1389 – council meets 3rd Wednesday

Dallas Township – 674-2007 – supervisors meet 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 7:30pm

Franklin township – 333-5131 – supervisors meet 1st Monday at 7:00pm

Harveys Lake Borough – 639-2113 – council meets 3rd Tuesday

Jackson Township – 675-8371 – supervisors meet 1st Monday at 6:00pm

Kingston Township – 696-3809 – supervisors meet 2nd Wednesday at 7:30pm

Lake Township – 639-2828 – supervisors meet 2nd Wednesday

Lehman Township – 675-4297 – supervisors meet 3rd Monday

Ross Township – 256-3703 – supervisors meet 1st Tuesday


Sue Henry is on M-F 9am -12pm. On Fridays she has an open topic format.

Steve Corbett is on M-F 3-7pm From 3-6pm, he lays out topics and goes in the direction of where the callers want to go. So listen and jump in if he brings up the Marcellus Shale. The final hour (6-7) is usually “free for all” where you can bring up whatever you like.

Please consider calling. Once you do it, it becomes easier:

1 800 437 0098 or
883 0098

Let the phone ring, a screener will answer and ask your name, town, and what you want to talk about – and tell you to turn off your radio. You will be put on hold and able to listen to the show through your phone. When it is your turn you will hear Steve say your name and where you are from. Be prepared by having notes to refer to. >

7 Responses to How to Help

  1. Maryann says:


  2. Mary says:

    I just discovered your blog. Good work. Please let everyone know that on August 12th, there will be a concert/rally (GAS STOCK) at the Luzerne County Fairgrounds in Lehman, PA from noon until 7pm.
    All anti fracking organizations and individuals are welcome to attend. Admission and music is free. We will be contacting all organizations with an invitation to join us. We are hoping to further educate the general public and bring more attention to this issue.
    Hope to see you there,

  3. shirley engler says:

    no grill no spill signs do you know how to get them

  4. David Naro says:

    The number of jobs the drilling has created is extraordinary. I have a degree in conservation biology and I’m a 100% supporter of domestic energy and jobs. I feel it’s a shame you don’t want to lower the unemployment rate, especially in NEPA. Oh, the claim that drilling contaminates water is BS. Check out

  5. qazse says:

    David ,

    Thank you for commenting. I too am a supporter of domestic energy and jobs. I consume local milk, cheese, beer, produce, and whatever else I can support. I patronize local restaurants and businesses rather than the chain invaders. I have not been perfect, but I am becoming more mindful and resolute with each day

    Rather than turning back to the mines, perhaps this region should move forward into the green, local, and organic future. People want to know their family’s food is safe. Our shores are awash in plastic and our soil is polluted with insecticides, herbicides and God knows what else. Our government refuses to require corporations to reveal when genetically modified organisms are used in a product. These concerns will not go away.

    Energy bills continue to increase There are always promises to lower them. But dirty energy – the kind where you blast open a mountaintop, or shatter shale a mile below – is costly and leaves a sad legacy.

    NEPA ought to be manufacturing (jobs), shipping (jobs), installing (jobs), and retrofitting (jobs) alternative systems such as solar, wind, geo, and small hydro. We have good universities, experienced manufacturers, and excellent trades people. We are at a hub of transportation routes.

    I believe that horizontal fracturing is a nasty business. Even if we managed it perfectly (how often is that done?) we cannot escape the fact that each fracking leaves millions of gallons of fresh water polluted and left underground. Multiply that by hundreds of thousands of frackings and you have a significant body of toxic slurry sloshing its way around a shattered system of bedrock. This once fresh water will no longer be part of our water cycle. But it will forever be a threat.

    It is time we practiced human scale, not corporate scale.


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