water is a closed system

This planet is a terrarium orbiting the sun. The flaming star casts a million terawatts of energy upon us each day. Earth has been given all that it needs. We will either thrive, or render this terrarium useless. We make our own destiny. It is insanity to let big conglomerates dictate the condition of this planet. And, it is cowardice.

Each fracking leaves approximately 4.5 million gallons of water sequestered beneath the earth – taken out of the water cycle – never to be replaced. For every 420 horizontal frackings, the equivalent of the Huntsville Reservoir is polluted and left underground (1.9 billion gallons). Water that has touched the lips of our ancestors, now gone from the equation.

Oh, we may see it again, but next time as a spoiler of our diminishing clean water supply.

5 Responses to water is a closed system

  1. Fracked says:

    Hi Herb
    I hold that to be undeniably true – so I put it in my new “stop making sense” category cause the truth of this thing doesn’t seem to make a dent in the minds of most.

  2. jessica noon says:

    hi, according to what i have read, the hydraulic fracturing process does not leave any water sequestered beneath the earth. part of the process requires that the drilling company remove all fracking fluid, store it in containment pits above ground (to avoid contmimnation of the soil and groundwater) and then process it as wastewater. this also presents a large problem in that we (PA for example) do not have the capacity to “treat” such large amounts of wastewater. further, there is concern that even after the water is treated and released back into the hydrological cycle via streams and rivers, that it continues to carry potentially dangerous amounts of contaminants.

    if you have additional information that shows otherwise, please pass it on.

    thank you!

  3. jessica noon says:

    in follow up to my own comment, i recently found a study that says that 20-30% of fracturing fluids remain trapped underground after the drilling takes place.

  4. Fracked says:

    To Jessica,
    re: additional information.
    How big is your hard drive?

  5. qazse says:


    Here is a quote and a link:

    “Three company spokesmen and a regulatory official said in separate interviews with ProPublica that as much as 85 percent of the fluids used during hydraulic fracturing is being left underground after wells are drilled in the Marcellus Shale, the massive gas deposit that stretches from New York to Tennessee”.



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