I have no beef

I have no beef with the guy who signed a lease, thinking it was “safe”. Or the family who was desperate and overtaxed. I have no animosity for the one who was lied to and manipulated.

But I do have a big problem with the already wealthy guy who brought it here, and the insiders who parlayed their land holdings into a rape of our sensibilities. And all those who are riding the gravy train just because it is gravy. And all those who still refuse to do their homework.

Communities are about sensibilities, such as what works best for all. Isn’t that how democracy was born?

2 Responses to I have no beef

  1. Fracked says:

    That’s how Humanity was born.

  2. Michell'e Boice says:

    Truly sad for all those who were lied to and signed leases under false pretenses that this was all “safe” and that the chemicals used in this process were things they all had in their own households, and the method has been used for decades, and all the other lies, told to a vulnerable and trusting citizenry. And you are so right, shame on the greedy “prominent” citizens whose fortunes will already support their grandchildren and grandchildren. This is the same greed that is destroying our democracy. When nothing else matters but money, money and more money, we truly are “on the eve of destruction”. God help us all.

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