Bible Banging Nincompoops

January 31, 2012

Imagine a large, large pile of fools, simpletons, dolts, bullies, nitwits, miscreants, narcissists, ne’er do-wells, sociopaths, posers, oligarchs, theocrats, ass kissers, and bull-shitters.  Imagine it 272 feet tall, peaking at the top like a dog’s stool.

Call it The Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

On January 24th, the BIG PILE adopted House Resolution 535 by a unanimous vote of 193-0. The Resolution declares the year 2012 as the “Year of the Bible” and goes on to state:

RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives declare 2012 as
the “Year of the Bible” in Pennsylvania in recognition of both
the formative influence of the Bible on our Commonwealth and
nation and our national need to study and apply the teachings of the holy scriptures.

On so many levels this is wrong.

First, it is unconstitutional.

Secondly, it is intellectually incongruent.   It asserts the notion that our government’s behavior ought to be based on a particular “holy book”.  Isn’t that the problem in Afghanistan?

Also, it is hypocritical. The Pennsylvania legislature’s behavior has been blatantly antithetical to the bible values I know – especially, to those passages which call for the stewardship of God’s creation. Not the desecration of it.

Further, it is sadly dismissive  (and, therefore, inaccurate and inherently divisive) of all the other belief systems which helped establish our collective ethos.

And, it is an incredible waste of public time and resources.



WFTE – “The Voice of NEPA’s Progressive Community”

January 30, 2012

Are you looking for an alternative to WVIA Radio?

Tired of hearing  commercials for the fracking interests?

Sick of don’t-rock-the-boat radio programming?

Angry with the likes of Kelly and Sordoni?

Then tune in to WFTE at 90.3 FM and 105.7 FM.

crucified to the grid

January 20, 2012

An insidious plutocracy

of earth rapists

oblige my consumption.

They charge me monthly,

until I die.


photo source:Electromagnetic Fountain

Earthquakes? What Earthquakes?

January 19, 2012

Read: Fracking Did Cause Eleven Earthquakes in Ohio Last Year

PLEASE watch this four minute video – Mammon engulfs us!

January 18, 2012

This short film is about a seemingly mundane law made to catch the “bad” guys.  However, it actually lays more groundwork for government and corporate control and takeover.  The film gets more compelling and sinister as it moves on. Please watch.

Click the link  at the end to make your voice heard.

Let (diminishing) freedom ring!

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.