Even if

Even if one manages the drilling like an angel, and has the luck of God… even if, there are inspectors hanging from every rig… and ten feet of regulations at each worker’s side, even if… even if…

It will not change the inexorable facts that with each fracking: we retire millions of gallons of drinking water from the earth’s scarce supply, and we saturate the air with pollutants.  Also, we horizontally fracture miles of rock  below us, and fill those sharded caverns with a toxic slurry of brine, radioactivity, and nasty chemicals.  That is the present state of reality.  Even if we don’t want to believe it.

3 Responses to Even if

  1. rjblack says:

    Although I agree with the majority of your comments, I must disagree on the water supply as being scarce. The water shed is the same water the dinosaurs were drinking millions of years ago, earth produces the same amount of water today as it did prior.

    The issue we have is sustainable and responsible use of the water supply, we are blessed to be in the top 3% or so of the world that actually has running water.

    Industry is indeed the predominant user of water and new technology in conservation and re-use of water is becoming more accessible to industry who have a corporate responsibility to the communities they serve to introduce the new technology alleviating the stress placed on municipal water management.

    Technology today can build desalinization plants with the capacity to supply southern California with a surplus of water drawn from the ocean; these plants can treat tens of millions of gallons a day if the political will to construct them is there. Alternatives in development, management and sustainability of the water supply are available on the market today and most Americans do not know of their existence.

    It will take a grass roots approach to pressure state and federal governments in the conservation and sustainability issues facing many cities today on water supplies and distribution.

  2. Fracked says:

    Welcome Back Herb,
    It continues to be frustrating that something so plain to see falls before eyes closed by greed and ignorance.
    As to the well-meaning comment by rj – water is not “produced” but exists in a finite amount in a closed system. Most of that water is unavailable to us for drinking – I think something less than 1%. Aquifers have been depleted in many locations around the globe not to speak of the rampant pollution. There are many excellent studies and reports on this dire problem which is a long way from being solved by modern technology.

  3. Even if we have no more fossil fuel explorations, we now have a newly created government agency which answers to no one including the president and Congress. This new agency has one other federal agency which can intervene if something goes wrong.
    Do you know who the newly created agency is which now has the power over all of the natural resources in America? They can do whatever they want with the water. With such government power in place, how do we rid ourselves of such control? It is likely too late to undo what has been done AND we cannot fight the military which can intervene at FERC.

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