That would be American

“The world’s whole petroleum resource is estimated at a million terawatts, which happens to be equal to the amount of solar energy that reaches the earth every day.” 

above quote from The Independent Home by Michael Potts

Just as the world is moving forward with sustainable and alternative energy sources and management, we are allowing our piece of it to be raped and plundered by Big Gas.

Just as the United States consumers are buying more and more locally, we allow our farmland to become an industrial zone.

We are willing to let a small minority of our fellow citizens pollute the resources one hundred percent of us use. What is sane or democratic about that? We all share this halo of air and water.

Our aim should be to make each home energy independent.  No monthly bills.  That is what we can leave our children.  That would be American.

5 Responses to That would be American

  1. Renegade says:

    Herbster: Keep on pecking away at the keyboard. Look at all those that have joined us in the past 60 days. More to follow.

  2. great words and ideas; may it happen soon; seems , though, the human psyche is enthralled with destruction.

  3. qazse says:

    Renegademeister – yes, there is more to follow. The networking will soon accelerate, we will be linking elbows with many more…

    Vera – interesting, surely at an unrealized and visceral level. Some might say it is functional in a hostile world such as ours. But it also creates a vicious cycle. The more hostile the world is perceived, the more brain cells shift from higher to lower centers of the brain. I see it on the streets all the time.

  4. is this whole comment from Michael Potts or just what is in quotes and can I use any of your lines in my writing a letter to the Editors locally? thanks,
    Vera Scroggins, Citizens for Clean Water, Montrose, Pa. 18801

  5. qazse says:

    Vera, Pott’s words are in quotes. I can see how it is confusing and will rectify that. And yes, you can use anything of mine. Whatever helps the cause. Best regards, Herb

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