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My Vision – My Voice

Hey Bill!
If you sleep with Mammon,
don’t expect me to pay for the hotel room.


Photo source: Times Leader

2 Responses to W V mI wAy

  1. Lynn S. says:

    Here is a recent exchange between me and Bill Kelly.

    Dear Mr. Kelly,
    Thank you for your prompt reply.
    I am not against hearing all of the information that is available. I have been studying this for several years very avidly. In doing so I have reached my own conclusions.
    In addition to learning through reading, lectures, forums. scientific journals, radio, …on and on, I have gained empiric knowledge from living in a gas field.
    I do not see what this has to do with objecting to the decision by your station to accept funding from Chesapeake.
    It is virtually impossible to have control over the message as you say when the owners of the message can pump thousands of dollars into your pockets. The gas companies have plenty to spend on community relations.
    I would love if your station covered the psy-ops story.

    I suppose you will find yourself depending more and more on such sources of income in the future. At what point do you cease to be public radio?
    I will be transferring my support for truly independent media in the future to such stations as WFTE (Scranton). I would love to see them receive enough support to be enabled to produce truly unbiased news and other programming and perhaps to carry some of my favorite public radio programs.

    Lynn Senick

    From: Bill Kelly
    To: Doug Cook ; lasenick36@gmail.com
    Cc: Tom Curra ; George Thomas
    Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 10:16 PM
    Subject: reply


    WVIA appreciates your note as well as this opportunity to reply.

    We are journalists, not advocates, and as such have a responsibility to
    acknowledge both “sides” of controversial issues. Some people just won’t
    acknowledge that drilling, fracking and natural gas in Northeast
    Pennsylvania is not a one-sided matter. We provide a platform with our
    programs for those opposed to and those in favor of drilling but our
    problem has been that those opposed are unwilling to even listen to
    advocates. Nonetheless WVIA will remain balanced in our treatment of all
    parties even if some can’t see our journalistic discipline.

    And our acceptance of funds from Chesapeake and others, as long as we
    exercise proper control over the message, is not an example of being
    co-opted. We acknowledge donors but do not permit claims proved untrue.
    And I suspect that, as you put it, “virtually every charity, civic group
    and festival” likewise gratefully accepts these grants that enable us to
    perform important public service. The gas companies in this region are
    indeed controversial to some but by no means all area citizens.

    Be assured that we’ll keep our minds open to new evidence that warrants
    our consideration.

    Meanwhile we’re pleased you’re listening frequently and will miss your
    financial support.

    Bill Kelly

    >Full Name:Lynn Senick
    >Message:Hi, I have been listening to your membership drive. You know, I
    >was feeling guilty about not giving my pledge. I stopped last year
    >because of what I considered the lack of balanced coverage on gas issues.
    >So anyway I was almost ready to call in but right as I was going to dial
    >you ran a Chesapeake ad touting “clean natural gas” and I just couldn’t
    >do it. I called the station and instead of giving I explained to the
    >woman who answered just what I wrote here. I said I would not support
    >WVIA as long as you run pro drilling ads; I know you need money from
    >somewhere but it really turns me off. I live in a gas drilling impacted
    >area and I am on quite a few listserves that discuss the issue and I know
    >that others feel the same as I do. Someone said to me, “Let them get more
    >money from the gas industry, because I will not give to them anymore.”
    >This person is a generous financial supporter of gas education efforts.
    >Nearly every philanthropic or public institution in my area has been
    >co-opted by the industry. Virtually every charity, civic group,and
    >festival has received gas drilling funds. Thus we have been co-opted.
    >People who have reservations about gas development and what it has been
    >doing feel they cannot speak up because of this. So I say, WVIA cannot
    >take money from gas drillers and not be influenced or neutral in your
    >programming. It is like being a little bit pregnant, it is impossible. So
    >say goodbye to my membership and potentially many others like me.
    >Sincerely, Lynn Senick
    Montrose, PA

  2. qazse says:


    It is happening exactly as planned. Gut the public funding and “public” broadcasting becomes co-opted. Fat Cats like Kelly do not want to hear it because it threatens their inflated egos and salaries.

    Kelly is delusional when he calls himself a “journalist”. He lost all credibility when he trotted out a panel of people on the take and tried to sell them as unbiased experts in his inaugural State of Pennsylvania program on fracking. He has always rigged the discussions.

    I feel so bad for you. It must be extremely frustrating to deal with such smarmy,condescending, transparent replies. I pray for you all.

    This jerk will not get another penny from me.

    I wonder if the national entity has received complaints on this travesty.



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