Somewhat random thoughts on the election

The Democrats deserved it. There was no “change”. From the very beginning it was clear. If it were really change: Pelosi would have jettisoned Murtha – and O’Bama would have fired Geithner. If it were really change, the Inauguration would have been more modest.

And the notion of the Jonas Brothers hiding in the White House to surprise Malia and Sasha O’Bama on their first night there, is patently elitist.

Leadership is not trash talk or spin, photo-ops or junkets. It is first and foremost, setting example.

The Democrats and the Republicans have turned into a professional wrestling act. They attack and boast. Good versus Evil. We suck it up like adolescents. It seems we are stuck in a culture based on immaturity.

The campaign ads were despicable. They insult us all. If your solutions are so vapid or nonexistent that you have to throw mud, what kind of person are you? Certainly not a leader. None of you!

As far as the Marcellus Play, it is up to the citizens to demand a moratorium as the only sane plan. The politicos won’t do it on their own, the gravy train is too sweet.

3 Responses to Somewhat random thoughts on the election

  1. Mom23boys says:

    Beautiful thoughts.

    A BAN on natural gas drilling is the only sane plan, but greed seems to trump sanity.

  2. carol caughill says:

    anyone who truly cares about the future results of “fracking”, and what is sure to be devastating to the environment,water and wildlife in our area MUST have been disappointed in the outcome of the recent midterm elections and what it will mean for the state of PA. the one positive outcome was that at least one local representative, who did nothing to help the cause and his neighbors, is now looking at unemployment. the opportunity was there and he chose to play the part of an ostrich and stick his head in the ground, instead of protecting the people that supported him and put him in office. (find any gas down there?)

  3. qazse says:

    Mom23, greed disguised as need.

    Carol, amen on the ostrich comment. I liked the parenthetical joke – would make a great cartoon.

    Thank you both for always reading and commenting!

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