the constitutional play

April 26, 2010

this is: oil vs solar
marketing vs truth
walmart vs main street
insanity vs sanity
landmen vs farmland
lawyers vs community
lobbyists vs democracy
secrecy vs transparency
the state vs you

Lost and Found – submitted by Mora Toria

April 9, 2010

A man in my neighborhood lost his dog today, and I engaged in helping him to retrieve his pet. At day’s end, the dog was safely home and the grateful owner and I had an opportunity to discuss the dog and other issues.

I asked him outright if he was aware of the Marcellus Shale Gas Development that is about to invade the area. He responded that he knew very little about it but assumed that it was not really a threat here. I quickly gave him updates and secured his email address to send him information.

I think he is typical of most of the residents in the Back Mountain who are unaware of what is coming and do not think they need to play a role in the future of their communities.

Many have no idea what is taking place. All they can tell you about gas exploration is how much money SOMEONE is getting. Stories about water pollution and quality of life degradation are dismissed as hype.

I challenge everyone to drive to Dimock. Take a right at the post office and another right at Carter Road. Try to imagine living in the midst of the industrial occupation that is omnipresent in this 9 square mile area. It will make you sick with dread at what will happen to your home and surroundings if you do not become informed and politically active.

If you don’t do something, you’ll lament events even more woeful than a lost dog.

submitted by Mora Toria