the threat of democracy

May 28, 2010

If this evil and blatant usury of our land is not stopped by our elected and sworn representatives by listening to reason, constituents, and the constitution – if they wimp out on their duty to make sure anything done to this state is done right or not at all; if this illegal attack supplants democracy – then democracy will be wrestled back, one way or another.


April 8, 2010

An opinion by Molly M:

Yesterday afternoon Representative Phyllis Mundy from Pennsylvania’s 120th Legislative District hosted the Environmental Resources and Energy Hearing at the Kingston Township Municipal Building. The committee was seeking input from citizens concerning the passage of House Bill 2213 which would protect surface land and water supplies from natural gas drilling activities.

Rep. Mundy clearly enumerated where she stood on the issue of water pollution caused by gas drilling. She is against any activity which could contaminate the Huntsville and Ceasetown reservoirs. These reservoirs supply water to 97,000 people in the Wyoming Valley area.

A HUGE thank you to her for taking a stance and striving to protect our public health and precious environment. And, also, a thank you to Representative “Bud” George, chairman of the committee, for assuring us that “the water belongs to the people, not the gas companies.”