Earthquakes? What Earthquakes?

Read: Fracking Did Cause Eleven Earthquakes in Ohio Last Year

Yo Billport! Here come the quakes (what is happening beneath you?):

2 Responses to Earthquakes? What Earthquakes?

  1. anti~lentist says:

    Corbett credibility is cracked,fracked…his motives stacked….his friends are all about pipelines and gas(I mean cash)

  2. FrackFighter says:

    Oh, yeah…what a nice surprise…really good to see you’re live and (I hope) well. (That laptop still live & well?)

    Corbett is beginning to experience earthquakes of ever increasing magnitude…their names are Kathleen Kane & Eugene DePasquale.
    I’m hoping for a huge after-shock named Allyson Schwartz…

    Very best to you & yours,
    An old fracked friend

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