Censorship by ommision: Josh Fox Arrest Was Under-Reported

I believe the arrest of Josh Fox was woefully under-reported on local and network television, and in local print media. Myself ,and others, have not observed any local or national television coverage of this fiasco. A search of their websites was equally fruitless.

I have seen no coverage today,  either.

I should mention,  I do not get the cable news channels.  But my focus here is on the local and mainstream media.

If I am accurate (even partially), for many NEPA citizens – the incident never happened.

Instead we were offered super bowl recipes, groundhog abuse, sports adoration, celebrity worship, weather obsession, and (“unfortunately”) there was little time left for actual news.  This small window of news programming gives censorship an excuse: “Gee whiz , we just can’t cover everything!”

Josh’s arrest was news. It was big news.

He is a national figure who lives nearby in Wayne County. He is a Sundance  Film Festival winner and an Oscar nominee. “Fracking” is an issue  widely known and debated in our region.  It  threatens each of us in various ways.  What’s not to report??

He was hand-cuffed and his constitutional rights were denied him.

That should always be big news in a democracy.

What puzzles me is the lack of information about the arrest on the ABC News website. I did a search, “Josh Fox Arrested” and came up with nothing. Josh Powell – Yes. Josh Fox – no. This is especially surprising given that an ABC film crew was present at the same hearing and also denied “permission” to film the hearings. They complied. Josh did not.  He stood up for journalistic and constitutional rights.


Here is an update from Rueters:
Gasland Director Josh Fox Released After D.C. Arrest; Feb. 15 Court date set

Here: is Josh speaking about the arrest on msnbc’s The Ed Show


”…no subcommittee rule or regulation should prohibit a respectful journalist or citizen from recording a public hearing.” – Josh Fox

I am reminded of all the meetings Audrey Simpson has recorded.  Thanks Audrey.  You are a hero.


4 Responses to Censorship by ommision: Josh Fox Arrest Was Under-Reported

  1. FRACKED says:

    Hello Herb,

    Best coverage was last night on Democracy Now: 2 segments viewable on their site…


    and on their youtube channel…

    The Young Turks also had a brief segment Wed night…

    The myriad failures of the Main Stream Media are now deeply systemic within Corporate Empire. Those failures are purposeful: they are part of what has generally been called “newspeak”.

    Herb…It’s really good to see you back at it – take care.

  2. this is mainly because people (in general) cannot be bothered watching the NEWS anymore. BUT——- get this info. on “the daily show” or “the colbert report” and EVERYONE will be talking about it, commenting on it on facebook and tweeting about it – endlessly!
    the internet is today’s media of choice and IT is what gets things done – if want to get the word out on anything today, it is the way to go. i passed the news on josh and his arrest to everyone i know via e-mail, facebook, etc. and requested that all of MY contacts pass it on to theirs – sadly, –newspapers are a dying business and it seems tv news has become a social event – no one cares about the important issues that they SHOULD be paying attention to – such as issues of freedom and protection of the environment, as well as those few still willing to stand up for these things so important to us and generations to come. josh fox is looking out for us, the least we could do is to look out for HIM!

  3. qazse says:

    Thank you Carol. It is the further dumbing down of mass media: keep them stupid,fearful, and entertained. Easier to manipulate!

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