crucified to the grid

An insidious plutocracy

of earth rapists

oblige my consumption.

They charge me monthly,

until I die.


photo source:Electromagnetic Fountain

4 Responses to crucified to the grid

  1. Eric Alagan says:

    Powerful imagery – both in words and picture.

    • qazse says:

      Eric, Thank you for the complement! I can not take credit for the photo. I wrote the short poem years ago and when recently posting it, I found this image to accompany it. It is truly a compelling image. I have been unable to find a primary source for it. I will continue to look. The artist(s) deserves credit. Thanks again, Herb

  2. Marguerite says:

    The stealth momentum gained by the Plutocracy, the reign of the Global Elite, got serious legs in the mid 2000’s and it is difficult to imagine its demise until internally consumed by it owns greed and avarice. The impact on the other 99.9% is a harrowing thought.

    • qazse says:


      Thank you for your thoughts. Well put. We are on the same page.

      I struggle with practical ways to fight the Plutocrats. One of the best,I think, is to stop buying what they sell: go green and local as possible. Buy used. Become customers of small business. Pry ourselves from the grid where possible. Stop watching their silly and degenerative “entertainment”. Support community. Support rational thought. Educate ourselves and others…

      Most of our fellow “citizens” seem so undereducated and mesmerized by their propaganda machine. Values such as “every man for himself” and mocking those who think differently are implanted in a field of guns, blood, and cleavage. These plutocrats besmirch education and manipulate feelings. They pit one against the other. We must work to make them irrelevant. To walk away one step at a time.


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