Some Fascist Terminology:

tree hugger
bleeding heart…

6 Responses to Some Fascist Terminology:

  1. UnaFracker says:

    My friend, do you have a dark side?

  2. audrey says:

    And proud to be one. And to the newspapers, start calling us “truthers”, not “protesters” or “activists”. We don’t believe the “spin” we’ve been fed. We are the informed.

  3. “they” can call me anything they choose – “they” can place me on any lists they choose! i will speak out and protest the FRACKING process whenever and wherever i am able. i will protect my land, my property and my clean water (and the right to it)and i refuse to believe the propaganda being spewed out by the gas companies. NO ONE can convince me that FRACKING is a safe process!

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