You don’t need the Kirby Theatre, you don’t need WVIA

The Kirby and WVIA have both refused to show Gasland despite the the fact they sit atop the Marcellus Shale and are charged with being community resources.  And, in spite of the the many requests by their patrons to do so.  Something is prejudicing them against an open mind.

If you want to watch films such as Gasland, and The Future of Food (in their entirety and absolutely free)  go to

Here is a fantastic Public Radio Station with diverse, intelligent programming:

(if you have any suggestions of your own please forward)


My wife and I have listened to and supported WVIA radio for thirty years. We are not sure what to do. Bill Kelly seems unwilling to consider his manifest bias for gas drilling. He gets a privileged  salary at the “non-commercial” station, why should he bite the hands that luxuriate him.   Quite the contrary, he seems to kiss those hands with fervor . Witness the Northeast Business Journal series.


The excellent blogger Fracked told me about the thoughtmaybe website.  He is always finding interesting video. Two examples: here and here


The equally excellent Clearville’s Blog has a You Tube channel.  See it here:

4 Responses to You don’t need the Kirby Theatre, you don’t need WVIA

  1. I have withdrawn my support for WVIA. I known of others who have done the same. In each case, it is important to write a letter to the station explaining why you can no longer be a supporter. Bill Kelly should be ashamed of himself.

  2. qazse says:

    I struggle with the notion that, with each less donation
    the station becomes more beholding to business money. I wonder if Kelly actually wants it that way.

  3. Lynn S. says:

    Consider supporting WFTE .

    WFTE 90.3FM Mt Cobb / 105.7FM Scranton.
    Just started in 2008. They are carrying democracy Now! and Frack Radio among other things.. With more support they can expand their programming. this is a community run non profit progressive radio station.

  4. qazse says:

    Lynn, Thank you!

    I will do a post on them in the future. I have contacted them regarding a button to link to their station.


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