WVIA airs Food Inc. – Monsanto is evil

Tonight WVIA television presented the 2004 movie Food Inc as a fundraiser. My wife and I viewed it 18 months ago. It was the last time she ate meat.

Here is the beginning of the movie. It sets the tone and gives you a fairly good sense of what is to come:

While the movie deals with many alarming issues in its three segments, the most disturbing is the documentation of Monsanto Corporation’s systematic attempt to control the world seed and food supply through legal intimidation and ruin.

Monsanto is a very evil company. I will call it Mammonsanto:

Another film, The Future of Food is an excellent treatment of Monanto’s attempt to control the food chain. Here is the trailer (go to the website to see the entire film):

Monsanto has lobbied Congress to pass Senate Bill 510, the Food Safety and Modernization Act. It could potentially outlaw human scale agriculture :

And even Glenn Beck seems alarmed:

With this being the thirtieth anniversary of  John Lennon’s death, it is insulting to note that Mammonsanto has trademarked the word “imagine” as its own:

Imagine no Monsanto, Its easy if you try…

And getting back to WVIA, good job showing Food Inc. Now how about airing Gasland , Bill Kelly!  That is what public broadcasting is supposed to be about. (My wife and I have supported WVIA radio for thirty years.)

If you are afraid of sponsor backlash, you are no better than a commercial enterprise. That is not what public broadcasting is supposed to be.

5 Responses to WVIA airs Food Inc. – Monsanto is evil

  1. Fracked says:

    No need to wait for WVIA.
    Food, Inc can be viewed here: http://thoughtmaybe.com/video/food-inc
    Gasland can be viewed here: http://thoughtmaybe.com/video/gasland
    thoughtmaybe.com also has several films and articles about monsanto
    Most important documentaries end up on thoughtmaybe and can be downloaded.
    Century of the Self gets my highest recommendation: http://thoughtmaybe.com/video/the-century-of-the-self
    Wake up to what they’ve done to us.
    Adios Amigo

  2. c says:

    I learned a bit about Monsanto this term- via corn. Scary shit going on. Scarier that most of us never knew, and many still don’t know, and how much we still don’t know.

    All of it made me think of a book called Nature’s End. Food was not food, but garbage. Food producers used a pharmaceutical called satisfaction to drug people into believing toxic waste tasted like the best carrot ever.

    Have you seen King Corn? I haven’t, yet. I hear tell that it’s pretty disturbing. It’s in my queue.

  3. qazse says:

    Fracked – thank you for the heads up on a wonderfully empowering website. As you will see, this kindness will pass along…

    christine – What a wonderful surprise. (c is one of my old blogging buddies back when I was full bore into qazse.com) Yes, it is very scary shit. I have not viewed King Corn, but we can see it free on the net at thoughtmaybe.com : LINK

    reader – christine and fracked have excellent blogs, please check them out.

  4. ever read the book — “The Sheep Look Up ???????? we all SHOULD!

  5. qazse says:

    Never have read it. I’ll look it up. Thanks

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