nothing has improved


cosby jello

Saw Bill Cosby
(“doctorate in education”)
hawking sugar
to the kids

making cute faces
from inside the tube.

Fuck You Kids!



Celebrity and corporations are all part of the same country club.  It has always been “okay” to sell crap to children.  Just walk down the cereal aisle  at a conventional grocery.

We market to children through  trusted characters like Doctor Heathcliff Huxtable    Hey kids!  Eat our trainloads of empty calories made from trainloads of cheap commodities and chemicals.   It is sooooooooooooooo good!

And of course, if Bill Cosby thinks it is good – it must be so.

If it is okay to sell bullshit “cereal”  to children, it is also okay to jeopardize their water and air.  It is all the same mindset:  “catch me if you can” -ism.

5 Responses to nothing has improved

  1. Tom says:

    You are so right about this.
    Our job is to change the mindset or see the same bullshit pervade our entire world.

  2. Fracked says:

    Russell Crowe was asked why he won’t do commercials.
    His reply…
    “It’s not fair.”

  3. FrackedSister says:

    Reality tv is teaching language, such as, “youse two” and an education – optional work-ethic, with added cartoon sound effects. The commercials are for other shows.
    Green tv is no exception.

  4. FrackedSister says:

    Corrections to my grammar and punctuation are encouraged.

  5. qazse says:

    Dear FrackedSister, I am no English major. You’re doin’ fine!

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