water is holy to life

photo: anonymous
Ceasetown Reservoir

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  1. carol caughill says:

    i hope that all of the thousands of viewers that are fans of CSI had the opportunity to watch tonight’s episode – though they fabricated the gas company’s name – they took on the topic of FRACKING and the damage it causes to individuals, the water supplies, animals and the environment – in addition to the cover-ups involved to protect themselves, as well as the extremes they will go to – so THANK YOU to the entire staff and everyone involved with CSI – we need nationwide coverage and exposure – every little bit helps!

  2. carol caughill says:

    did everyone happen to see the video released to the media that was shot by the DEP and the gas leaks that it appear to be “proof-positive” of the damage there? it’s “out there” now, if anyone is interested. In addition CBS is airing a segment on “60 minutes” on dimock’s issues this sunday. keep in mind that “dimock’s issues” will soon be “our issues” as well, and for many, they are NOW!

  3. qazse says:

    Two national mass media exposures in one week. (We needed it before the elections.) Now we need the big O. And how about a Neil Young.

    No one is showing up because they all drank the jobs-transitional-clean-American fuel kool aid

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