At the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

We took mister NoFrack Sign along, hoping to raise some consciousness.  Also, we  knew there was always a possibility his image might make the national media.   At the very least, we thought him a conversation starter.

As we  walked to the National Mall, it became clear this event would include costumes, signs, and a festive sense of play.  The closer we got, the more we realized it would also to be well attended.




“I Screwed You All.  But Thanks for Blaming it on the Black Guy”



We were unable to get near the stage or jumbo-trons so we carried our sign along Constitution Avenue.  We were greeted by many call outs from New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia people.  We spoke with folks who were active in the fight, and we were formally interviewed by an area weekly.  People were constantly taking pictures of the sign and asking what it meant.  Many thought it was a reference to the television show Battle Star Galactica which, we were told, uses the word “frack” as a euphemism for the word  “f*ck”.   One guy even shouted out  “Yea, that’s right, stop using fake curse words!”


A Sierra Club member from New York State.


A mother and daughter from New Jersey.

A young man who inquired about the sign.

The crux of the matter.



Let freedom ring!





3 Responses to At the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

  1. Mom23boys says:

    Awesome! Thanks for spreading the word. Now to get on Oprah….

  2. carol caughill says:

    it is “sad to say”, but there are people living in the immediate area that are still unfamiliar with the term “fracking”! i have two large signs outside my property, but we need to get the word out. you are doing a great job, but YEAH! we need more exposure – more media coverage nationwide to make people aware of the seriousness of “fracking” and the environmental consequences. the fact is – everyone will hear about it AFTER all the damage is done and then the media will cover the “ghost town” (S) that are left behind and the abandonment in PA that “fracking” created when not enough people cared to act and stop it – MORATORIUM NOW!

  3. Fracked says:

    Many Thanks Herb,
    Wish I had been there.
    Fabulous photos.
    Let’s hope for such a rally someday to ban drilliing.

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