Thank You John

Hello again, I am back in the fracosphere thanks to a fellow blogger named John.  His web log is titled Fracked. He sent me a sweet DELL laptop that he “wasn’t using”.  Thanks John!

I first met John through this site. While he lives outside the Marcellus area, he became so disturbed about this corporate invasion into the lands of his Pennsylvania ancestors that he too started a blog.  He is visual, current, insightful, and – as it turns out – generous. I have been face to face with John but once. We met the morning of Gas Stock.  At dawn, to be exact.  He and his sister Sandy had come to Kirby Park to see our small band of marchers off on our trek. We were totally surprised by this unexpected gesture of support. Their appearance (after a very long drive) said to us: “what you are doing is important ” “here, take our goodwill to lighten your footsteps”…  Later that day we had a chance to talk at length and I thanked them again for being there to  share  their human energy and,as John says, “good hearts”.   And awakened minds.

John, Hannah, and Mark

4 Responses to Thank You John

  1. Fracked says:

    Thanks Herb for the kind words.
    I’m pleased the computer is now in excellent hands.
    We need you in this fight.

  2. Marguerite says:

    Hey Herb,

    I am really glad you’re back thanks to John. I missed reading FrackMtn daily and this is great. Now I can start sending you info tidbits on local things too. We need more sharing. Like everyone should go to the RDA meeting in Williamsport Friday with Prof. Ingraffae.


  3. Mark says:

    Dude, good to have you back in the fold.

    Up for another walkabout?

  4. qazse says:

    John – I promise to keep beverages a safe distance from the keyboard. And, perhaps, peanut butter off the keys.

    Marguerite – Interesting juxtapositions: The last time I saw you, was the last time I saw John (commenter above you) and Mark (commenter below you). I recall that I introduced you and John. Mark was off hugging a tree , I believe. We were all on the side lawn of the main stage at GasStock.

    I welcome your contribution of anything you percieve as urgent, compelling, interesting …. The more eyes and perspectives, the better. Sometimes I think of making this into an ezine on fracking. I would prefer to be an editor ( or so I think ).

    Note: for urgent and pressing matters, if you send items in a press release format they can be posted asap.

    Please send me what you would like me to post regarding Friday. I would love to hear Dr. I speak, but it is my birthday and I am promised to others.

    Mark – Let’s bike it this time. Start at Kirby – go up the dike and into Luzerne – onto the trail and then the back way to the fairgrounds ( along the resevoir) and into the fairgrounds – back to Kirby for a beverage.

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