Happy Birthday Dad

My  apologies for departing from this blog’s usual theme of   Marcellus exploitation.  But it is a special day for me.

My father would have turned ninety today. (He passed on in 1981).  Everybody loved him.

This is one of my poems about dad:

Dad Wore Hats

Not when he should have.

On a cold bright day
he would call out
where is your hat?
while the wind played
in his hair.

Nor the way he should have.

It was always
crunched atop his head
by a nephew or daughter
running around our backyard
at a picnic.

Nor what he should have.

Into the dewy night
the adults would sing
heads touching in harmony
dad smoking a Chesterfield
wearing a bonnet.

4 Responses to Happy Birthday Dad

  1. Liz says:

    Beautiful tribute. Mine passed in 1988, but he’s not resting easily in light of the present state of affairs here in the Back Mountain.

  2. carol caughill says:

    GOD bless his soul! if he lived in THIS area, i can only imagine that he would feel very strongly about the impact the gas companies are creating and he would fight against allowing them to destroy our very world with their chemicals and poisons they insist on inflicting upon us.

  3. Mark says:

    Dude, in my mind, it’s better to have known and lost when compared to having never known.

  4. qazse says:

    My dad had a strong sense of ethics and history. I know he would have sided with the common good. I was very fortunate to have such a person in my life. My words are a celebration.

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