How Natural Gas Drilling has Changed My Eating Habits by Molly M.

Following is a guest post from Molly M.  All are invited to submit:

I travelled to Dimock, PA, several weeks ago to see for myself what was going on at my neighbors to the north.  I was astounded to see gas drilling pads in many farm pastures.  On several sites, cows were being pastured and fed adjacent to the pads. I had read about cows being quarantined in Tioga County after they were suspected of drinking polluted flowback water.  In Washington County cows died after exposure to drilling fluids.  At Dunkard Creek, where all aquatic life died from an algae bloom caused by drilling, beef cows were photographed standing in orange-tainted water.  I have decided not to eat beef any more.  Every time I look at a steak, I see those cows standing next to a drill site.

My new discoveries opened my eyes to other concerns.  How about the farmers who were present at the farmers’ markets? Had they leased their lands?  If I knew for sure they had, I bypassed their stands.  I am also boycotting a restaurant next to a drill pad in Fairmount Township.

I began searching for alternative food sources and discovered the joys of shopping at the Lands at Hillside.  The folks who bought this wonderful farm from the old coal barons opted not to lease these lands.  Hooray!  Now I buy hormone-free milk, free range eggs, Hillside Gold butter, fresh ice cream, and other goodies.  Life is good, and my tummy agrees.

2 Responses to How Natural Gas Drilling has Changed My Eating Habits by Molly M.

  1. I applaud your decision to buy food that was grown/raised/harvested as far from a drill site as possible. However, the implication in your message seems to be that food and animals grown on unleased land are safe. Such is not the case. The NOx and VOCs from gas drilling sites and compressors travel for miles as do polluted streams and rivers and aquifers. All PA residents (human, animal and plant) are in peril. If the gas rush is not reigned in – the greatest health consequences of what is happening now will show up 10 and 20 years from now. We are a part of a grand scheme to privatize profits and socialize costs. Drill – make millions – get out – leave residents to bury their dead and pay for treatment of their children with leukemia and brain cancer and emphysema.

  2. carol caughill says:

    now that we live in a third world country and are being monitored by homeland security and every meeting we attend and every comment made is evaluated and passed on to the gas companies who are lining the politicians pockets, i guess we are supposed to be muzzled and not speak our minds or stand up to protect our lives and property. just sit back and allow this takeover to be crammed down our throats. big brother is watching! don’t be frightened off by their tactics. it is what they want. continue to blog and stand up for yourselves. this is not russia. this not china. we are americans and we will stand up for ourselves as true americans have always done and will continue to do!

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