How Natural Gas Drilling Has Impacted My Life by Molly M.

Following is a guest post from Molly M.  All are invited to submit:

For the past six months my life has been consumed by the prospect of natural gas drilling in my community.  I have attended meetings, been interviewed by the newspaper, written and talked to umpteen legislators, seen Gasland, put a No Frack sign in my yard, talked to everyone within hearing distance, and read, read, read.  On a more personal level, I have taken a hard look at my own lifestyle and the usage of fossil energy resources.  I would love to incorporate solar panels and a wind turbine at my home.  For the time being, I have changed all of my lightbulbs to CFLs, added solar lighting to my yard, added insulation to my home, and installed insulated drapes on my windows.  By using less energy, I hope to deny the energy companies of a little profit…

My driving habits have changed, too.  I am looking into leasing a Prius, although I don’t drive a lot, so my CO2 discharges aren’t excessive.  I combine trips and spend many days without using my car.  I wish I could use other ways of transportation – in a rural area it is hard to use public transportation or walk to many services.

Am I living greener? Definitely.  Perhaps I would anyway – I have always touted being an environmentalist.  Now it has become an absolute passion in my lifestyle.

Has gas drilling affected my diet?  I’ll leave that story for another day…

One Response to How Natural Gas Drilling Has Impacted My Life by Molly M.

  1. carol caughill says:

    to molly m. and everyone else in PA savy enough to be AGAINST fracking and the terrorist gas companies converging on our homes and properties with their cancer causing chemicals, pollution of air and water and the lies that they tell to unsuspecting landowners- we as americans need to stand up to the politicians and the governing bodies in the state of PA and DEMAND they STOP the drilling of wells in this state before even more damage is done and this entire area becomes a “ghost state” – then who will pay the taxes and their salaries? when the gas companies are gone and leave only devastation in their wake, there is no clean water and pollution remains rampant – i, too, have reduced my “footprint” on the environment as much as possible and i will be damned if i am going to allow anyone to take my life and my property – only to be destroyed by money-grubbing eco-terrorism, such as these gas companies are inflicting on the citizens in this state. stand up for what you believe in!

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