Last night, just before midnight I bought the domain name rights  to  I think this is what I am after and it seems to be the name that speaks to my mind.  But what of  It speaks to an emotionally grounded  irony  should the corporate plan  come to fruition.  BUT! FU<K ENCANA! and their home boys.   That is why I say, drop frackmountain, and dig NOFRACKMOUNTAIN! Sorry about the "fu<ks"  But if any situatioin calls for it, this does… bend over .

3 Responses to

  1. Lynn says:

    Yeah tonight’s zoning hearing in Wilkes Barre was a big bend over.
    Stop messing with the little guys, stop wasting our energy; it’s Harrisburg and the Oil & Gas Act we must be after.

  2. Fracked says:

    Don’t be sorry.
    There are fucks all over the place these days.
    Oh yeah…

  3. Harold says:

    But unless you do this at the grass-roots level as well as the state level, the majority of the populace is going to say, “Oh, we had no idea. And besides, they offered us MONEY!”

    Anti-frackers have to fail on the local level again and again, loudly and publicly, to drive home the point to the locals that the Oil & Gas Law has robbed local folks of any right to self-determination on this matter. Once people are good and pissed about this, they’ll be able to take it to the money-grubbing politicians in Harrisburg.

    Politicians care about two things: money and votes. (Well, and power, but that’s what the money and votes get them.) The gas companies have the money, but the people have the votes.

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