County Zoning Board Meeting

If you live in LAKE or FAIRMOUNT TOWNSHIP, please consider speaking your opposition to ten new gas drilling sites at Tuesday’s zoning board hearing! Tuesday at 7 PM at Luzerne County Courthouse.

If you have friends who are opposed to natural gas drilling in LAKE or FAIRMONT TOWNSHIP, please let them know WE NEED THEM. to show their opposition.  –  Paula of GDAC

The county zoning board meeting is an exercise in non democracy posing as democracy. You get to voice your opinion to men who stare at cleavage.

2 Responses to County Zoning Board Meeting

  1. carol says:

    i reside in susquehanna county, but the more meetings and the more opposition that can be stirred up anywhere in this area is extremely important – we all need to stand up to protect ourselves, our health, our property and the environment – we can no longer afford to sit by like sheep and be misled by the gas companies – can you even BELIEVE that CABOT is holding a free picnic for anyone and everyone in the county on august 14, 2010 at the montrose school grounds? the nerve of these people is beyond belief!

  2. This is a great oppotunity to express our displeasure by wearing our t-shirts and showing up with picket signs. My husband and I WILL be there. And I am TRYING to get this publicized far and wide.

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