Thank you, we will carry on…

They didn’t die
for eminent domain
or Made in China
or farmland foreclosure…

2 Responses to Thank you, we will carry on…

  1. qazse says:

    This was my original notion. I forced out a longer poem before leaving the house today. In retrospect, it was contrived and didactic. I therefore have pruned it back to its original form.

  2. There are numerous groups out there and communities that are gradually being exposed one by one to the horrors of this industrial invasion. There is an attitude of un-believability when you listen to what is happening. From the legal mess with legislators trying only to appease the industry and ramming down the throats of every day citizens what is only to the benefit to the gas companies at our expense, to people asking me what do I do now, a company wants to put a pipeline in my backyard or my water is now brown after they started drilling down the road. There is also a feeling of powerlessness and despair that this fight is just too damn big and too hopeless.

    Because of the fact, that when I explain the truth of what this industry and its proponents have in mind for PA residents almost everyone without reservation or hesitation is in agreement that something is wrong and that this needs to be stopped. You know the feeling when you talk the facts about what is happening and people are aghast and say “that it can’t be true.” Of course I don’t try to convert industry proponents or wealthy land owners, but overall these people make up the minority of our population. Because we have truth on our side, I have come to believe that this does not have to be a David vs. Goliath struggle. It can be Goliath against Goliath as we have numbers in the population of people locally in our communities, and in our state that are afraid of the hazards of unrestricted gas extraction by these huge companies. These companies from out of state that have a track record of lies, environmental destruction, political lobbying to get their ways and water and air pollution that is intolerable, cannot stand up to an organized, vocal and persistent activism that involves everyone.

    We have to start believing that we can and we will make a difference. We are gradually educating the public and turning the tide of resentment towards companies only concerned with making a profit at any expense. We are starting to make legislators listen. In order to get them to act, we need numbers. We need a constant presence at local events. We need alliances with all of the other groups out there that feel the same way. We need to talk to anyone that will listen and when they agree we need to ask for their help, to get involved to do some small thing or make a phone call, donate, tell someone else etc. We need the power that comes from building bonds with others that want to work together to make change happen and chase this industry out of any place that ordinary people do not want them. It is our democratic right, our basic right to decide by our own laws and our own zoning to have our voices heard and our policy made, not gas industry policy dictating what happens in our back yards. We need to be vocal to let the politicians, local zoning regulators, local legislators, state lawmakers, regulatory decision makers such as DEP and utility commissions and federal legislators know how we feel. If numbers of the electorate talk then policy will not be controlled by just lobby money.
    We have the power to get it done.

    We have momentum, we have passion and we have ideas. We will recruit more people, we will develop alliances and build bonds with others that feel the same way. We will challenge the status quo that think this will be pushed through without objection. Let us continue to be positive, grow, organize and believe we will take back our communities one by one.

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