drill the bitch

The beast is circling and beginning to take bites, a variance here, a clearing there. Soon will come a train of trucks carrying the rig. Like a missile on parade in Red Square, it might as well have a hammer and sickle on its side. The bit will drive into the bone of Mother Earth and leave her contaminated. This will happen in front of those who allow it.

Those who refuse to sign a lease will soon be tied down and forced to witness the rape. If big gov and big gas have their way, eminent domain will be granted to those who pipe the gas. You thought you could make a stand? Not in Corporate America (the former United States).

See Companies seek eminent domain status to lay gas pipelines:

9 Responses to drill the bitch

  1. Lynn Senick says:

    Take a look at the language used here. I say this in a gentle way because I understand the pain that is behind it. The imagery is from the other side of the love we have for earth mother.
    I think we humans impress no one but ourselves, the ones who think they use and exploit the earth endlessly.– as if we could rape the earth mother!!! Maybe we will be the forms that are shrugged off. We rape ourselves (humanity).
    We are just bugs!
    Life will go on, just maybe not our kind of life.
    This can change. We can make another future. Follow that vision with love.

  2. Harold says:

    I have been observing a flurry of road and bridge construction activity recently – particularly a shoring-up of the John S. Fine bridge that carries Route 29 over the Sans Souci Parkway and Susquehanna River in Nanticoke. Almost as if there is an expectation that this connection point between I-81 and the Back Mountain by way of Hunlock Creek will be seeing a considerable increase in heavy truck traffic.

  3. Don Williams says:

    Truth is…there is nothing gentle about what the NG drilling companies will do. Truth is…they do not care about you, me, our grandchildren, or Mother Earth. They care only about profits from the exploitation of our natural resources. Love does not dwell within their corporate world, and I’m hard pressed to believe otherwise. However, I’m willing to listen…

  4. you can take a stand; just like the Resistance in Europe against the Nazi madness.
    we are taking a stand here in Susquehanna County; organize, film, write, protest, make statements and testimonies at public meetings; I and others are protesting the large Pipeline going through our county and we’re in court with the lawyers for this Pipeline ; we’re stopping it so far; they are asking for permission from the PUC. it can be stopped. Nazi Germany was stopped. they wanted to take over the world
    and rule for a 1,000 years. Vera, Citizens for Clean Water

  5. qazse says:

    I agree with all the previous comments.

    This is a poetry piece. It is intended to incite and alarm. I think two key aspects are the use of the word “if” and the juxtaposition of “Corporate America” with “(the former United States)”. Eminent domain is not necessarily a fait accompli, unless we fail to take back this country – one community at a time.

  6. qazse says:

    PS I work endlessly for the GDACoalition. I will never give up. I do not intend to be de-motivating. If this post seems cynical, let me say to those who have not signed, join our coalition. See the link to it in the upper right column.

    However, this E.D. is a sinister but predictable play. We need lawyers! We have been searching and have yet to find a local one ready to stand up and join us.

  7. fracked says:

    I loved this – very near what I see at the heart of it. The truth needs telling. Better the metaphor – clearer the Truth. Keep talk’n & thanks.

  8. qazse says:

    Thank you for the encouragement! How would you articulate the heart of the matter? Not to put you on the spot, but I do like to hear from others.

  9. clearville says:

    Onshore Gas Drilling Pollution Disasters have compromised water from toxic chemicals used in drilling fluids. The government exempted the Poisons from being included in water testing! An underground live video cam can show where toxic drilling chemical end up…in your next sip of water, in your bath water near gas drilling? Spread the word: Humans, wildlife and aquatic life are being polluted by toxic chemicals while the government and corporations legally loot and pollute. This is an onshore gas drilling environmental crime! We are not environmentalist, just ordinary citizens who have seen the truth of buried secrets. We don’t believe or trust anyone who believes in fossil fuels and “Riches”. You can’t clean dirty water offshore or onshore!

    See what we have learned about gas drilling pollution (post water testing shows 2 butoxyethanol, (toxic dispersant used in the BP Gulf) acrylonitrile- and other toxic chemicals are now in onshore water). There is an offshore disaster but there has been onshore disasters but most people including the president are clueless to toxic brews.

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