killing a creek in West Virginia – Molly M.

My daughter lives in West Virginia near the PA border. Here are some articles she sent to me about a fish kill on a creek 30 MILES LONG! The kill was caused by a gas company allowing fracking fluid into abandoned mines.
This happened last September.
A bloom of toxic alien algae is being blamed for killing thousands of fish, mussels and other forms of aquatic life in more than 30 miles of Dunkard Creek along the Pennsylvania-West Virginia border this month.
Three weeks ago, fish started dying in Dunkard Creek, a scenic stream that winds along the West Virginia-Pennsylvania border in Monongalia County
Dunkard Creek experienced a large fish kill in 2009 from golden algae and high chloride water.

2 Responses to killing a creek in West Virginia – Molly M.

  1. Lyn Peelle says:

    Have the Enviornmentalists (the ones who helped save the Spotted Owl in the NW forests) gotten involved with these stream and watertable killings? They would make a great ally.

  2. qazse says:

    Lyn, The only one I know of is the local Sierra Club. They took on the Moon Lake issue. There was also an article in Audubon Magazine I believe. But, otherwise, there seems to be a void locally. This is one of the reasons why GDAC (Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition) is looking for people to facilitate the start up of our alliance building initiative. Thank you for commenting.

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