Cabot remains Arrogant

The Pennsylvania DEP posed as DEP for a day and it felt good to those of us who have been exceedingly frustrated about this juggernaut of stupidity that is the Marcellus Shale play. But looking more closely, it will be business as usual for the industry tomorrow, while a little section of the play gets some relief and corrective action. (“Corrective” as in, I screwed up your water supply but, reluctantly, here is a filter).

This is an example of the arrogance of Cabot Oil:

Kenneth Komoroski, a Cabot attorney and spokesman, said the company agreed to abide by the order, but it does not believe it failed to follow the first order and so sees no reason for the penalties or new demands.

“But in the interest of continuing to do our best to cooperate with the department, we did agree to those additional terms,” he said.

The company plans to shift its operations to other parts of Susquehanna County where it currently holds permits.

The overall impact to the company, he said, “will be somewhere between none and insignificant.”

Here is the full story – Gas company slapped with drilling ban and fine

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