It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment. ~Ansel Adams

Photo by Ansel Adams

5 Responses to It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment. ~Ansel Adams

  1. Liz Martin says:

    Well put… It is indeed horrifying. Why is it that we can foresee the nightmare and they cannot? Does the government not represent the people? I have lived here my whole life, and this is the first time that I can actually say that I am fearful for the future of my community and my environment.

  2. qazse says:

    this is oil vs solar
    phony ads vs little money
    walmart vs main street
    insanity vs sanity
    landmen vs farmland
    secrecy vs oversight
    harrisburg vs you
    politics vs common sense…

  3. anti-lentist says:

    we shall not be silenced by deceit and greed. why is our local government jeopardizing the health and welfare of an entire community by the dictates of an industry,where the minority reaps it’s ugly benefits and the majority waits in fear and sorrow. NO!

  4. Regarding the Lehman township meeting approving the conditional use permits for EnCana last evening.
    The township supervisor legal representative made several statements that I take exception to.
    He mentioned that the township would be breaking laws by passing an ordinance trying to limit and control gas drilling in the township. This is false. Mt.Pleasant, PA did it and I did not see their supervisors being carted off to jail. He also mentioned that talking or emailing the supervisors was akin to trying to influence a judge. This is an insult to allowing the community to speak up for local control over how their elected officials pass judgment on matters that impact them more than out of state corporations doing business in our community. Nothing was said or sent that would not or has not been done publicly. He mentioned that the state laws need to be uniform or else the permitting situation would be hard and uncontrollable. There needs to be different regulations based on communities, because different communities have different environmentally sensitive areas and different needs. One state law governing the oil & gas industry does not serve every community to the best. In addition, agreeing to this state law actually goes against our federal constitutional rights for us to self-govern. I’m not a lawyer, but not allowing local township residents a say in how their community is impacted by turning residential and agricultural zones into industrial zones seems quite unconstitutional and a slap in the face for Democratic self rule. Is this America or the Soviet Union 30 years ago?

  5. qazse says:

    There is no reason we couldn’t build an infrastructure which is decentralized, sustainable and self sufficient. What holds us back is our corporate and governmental mentality: “If you aren’t paying someone a monthly fee, there is something flawed with the plan.”

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