worth pondering

Click to enlarge. I think this photo is worth a second look.  I assume the amount of activity shown is typical of the operations EnCana/Whitmore plan to overlay on your topography, community, and history.

2 Responses to worth pondering

  1. J Smith says:

    Regarding 2.5 Acre Tom Juinita’s personal plan to have extreme no drill zones areas around lakes and parks … who is going to reimburse those private landowners in his no drill zones for the loss of their constitutional right of per acre bonus and royalty from production?

  2. qazse says:

    J Smith, thank you for commenting.

    First, let me clarify that it is not just Tom Jiunta who is advocating a sane approach to this issue – it is an organization of forty plus people. Some are landowners, some are rural dwellers, and some live in neighborhoods. We are called the Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition.

    Secondly, regarding constitutional rights, I refer you to Article I Section 27 of the Pennsylvania State Constitution.

    Regards, Herb

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