“DEP lies to residents of Waterville”

Here is a most recent update on the Pine Creek Toxin Spill from the Responsible Drilling Alliance:

Subject: DEP lies to residents of Waterville about chemical product hazards: Sungazette “DEP: Gas industry treatment behind discharge on hillside”

AIRFOAM HD discharging into spring water from gas production — Dan Spadoni of the DEP said to the reporter in this news article that the MSDS sheet states that Airfoam HD is not dangerous — but it is, Air Foam HD has high levels of a chemical called 2-BE (2-Butoxyethanol) which is strongly associated with a rare form of adrenal cancer. The MSDS sheets for Airfoam HD indicate that this chemical product can cause health problems and is also soluble in water. Water tests for 2-BE are extremely expensive, costing over $100 for a 500ppm test of a water sample (as Wayne and Angel Smith in Clearville, PA found out last winter). There is already one poster child for 2-BE contamination and this rare adrenal cancer in a gas drilling area: Laura Amos.

2 Responses to “DEP lies to residents of Waterville”

  1. Walt Kochan says:

    Thank Dick Cheney for the Haliburton loophole. It is unconscionable that energy companies do not have to disclose what they inject into the earth. His karma in turn has given him one heart attack too few.

  2. qazse says:

    I read parts of the Jim Hightower book “Thieves in High Places”. It was written in 2003 and deals with the Bush administration’s deliberate and systematic dismantling of environmental protections by installing “business first” people in policy places. The Katrina debacle was one example of this bottom line short-sighted approach. The notion that this society’s welfare is predicated on wall street is misplaced. Farmer scale – not corporate scale. Local microbrews are better, sustainable farming is saner, local commerce is stronger, and more accountable.

    If we let them, these bullies of the world are about to render our agriculture untrustworthy, our communities abused, and our air questionable. This will be for at least twenty years of operations – and then how many of recovery – forty? Never? How many species will never return? How much radioactive mud should we harbor above ground?

    Rather than lead the way into the future, our leaders are dragging us back into the mine.

    Thank you for talking honestly. We have all come from different directions, but now are gathering in an open field, together… human scale.

    Best regards Walt, Herb

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