An Incredible Web Resource

When I slammed this blog together six weeks ago, I poured over website after website and tried to provide links for a quick education. There was much I never got to review.  My initial objective was to get the word out as soon as possible – to give a web presence to the work already started by people like Tom Jiunta and Audrey Simpson.

Recently I became aware of a dynamite set of sites: one a website and the other its matching blog.  They are UN-NATURAL and UN-NATURAL WEBLOG. They were created by CDOG – Chenango Delaware Otsego Gas Drilling Opposition Group. They cover national as well as regional drilling stories. Subjects such as cost externalization, community readiness, moratoria, and energy independence. Check out the Organizer’s Page and the comprehensive FAQ page on the website. Also the images section and the “Lies” section. This is the primer for which I have been looking. The site is a work in progress. It is creative, edgy, and informed. I plan to return to it often. Grab a beverage and check it out. Please.

4 Responses to An Incredible Web Resource

  1. Wow. You made my day. Thank you.

    Was very glad to find you recently too – you are in our blogroll and your posts are RSS’ing to our blog.

    Cheers to all you excellent bloggers covering the natural gas story.

  2. qazse says:

    You are deservedly welcome. Would love to come up on a field trip some day. I sometimes take 88 to VT and want to explore your area more. It seems lovely. Also, may request some tech support re web building. I am a technological neophyte but have a web person willing to do an actual site. Best Regards, Herb

    • says:

      Please do send an e-mail when you’re coming through. Would gladly provide a tour of the area and also any tech help of which I’m capable.

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