Thanks Dude

Don Williams of Wyalusing Rocks Pennsylvania (Penn’s Woods) has an essential reading blog titled Susquehanna River Sentinel. He was the activist who saved us from the inflatable dam. Now he is the main man for staying current and hip with the gas drilling scene.

He is: earth first, speak truth to power, and live with courage. I like that in a dude.

Find his link in the the right hand column under #2 – Local Bloggers – Big Gas in Their Sights.

2 Responses to Thanks Dude

  1. Don Williams says:

    Thanks for the kind words…just doing what I believe to be right.

    PS – I am in no way related to that other Williams Dude.

  2. qazse says:

    No way folks, he is not that guy who I almost finally worked out of my memory until this moment.

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