“Meet Josh Fox” (GASLAND filmaker)

Mark Cour is a  prolific and well regarded blogger from Wilkes-Barre.  His most recent post presents three videos of Josh Fox speaking and taking questions.  I plan to watch them later today when done with my cyber-chores.  See them at:

Circumlocution for Dummies

2 Responses to “Meet Josh Fox” (GASLAND filmaker)

  1. Sandra Humberson says:

    I live in Garrett County, MD. The natural gas company, Chief has recently shown up at my door! To my horror, they are proposing on drilling for n.g. right across the road from where I live, on the neighbor’s 500 acre farm. I only have .8 acre and yet all of this will impact my life in profound ways (chaos). I am trying to educate myself about all of this – even though I would rather not have to. I saw the interview with Fox (Gasland) on NOW and all of my suspicions seem founded. What can I do to fight any of this? Big money and lots of politicians: I feel I may have to leave in order to have any peace.

  2. qazse says:

    Sandra, The first thing I would do is contact your local government and get the legal lowdown. Then I would do a search to see if there are any advocacy groups in your area of MD. We are a fledgling organization and are fighting through local initiative and public education. Our chances of stopping this are very slim, but we are united in the effort. If you want to start an organization it is hard work. I would suggest you contact one of the organizations linked on the right for consultation. If you think it is hopeless I would talk to a realtor sooner than later. I looked at the map, it must be a beautiful area. I am sorry you are going through this. Please update us. Thanks and you are in my prayers. Herb

    Any one else have any ideas?

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